Bloated and Sluggish

In Chinese medicine understanding, Summer and its extreme weather changes may damage our Spleen and Stomach (digestive) function, leading to bloating, abdominal discomfort, poor appetite, heavy legs and dull persistent headaches, flatulence, bland or no taste sensation, nausea and loose stools or alternating constipation and loose stools. When the weather is hot we naturally eat more cold raw food and icy drinks. If our digestion is weak, this may unbalance our gut flora, the cold drinks may congeal fats that are eaten at the same time (e.g. beer and pizza) resulting in the above symptoms as well as an increase in food intolerance’s.


Spring brings extreme weather changes and this may put stress on our tendons and sinews which tend to be tighter at this time of year according to Chinese medicine. The liver Qi is most active in spring and the liver controls the tendons in Chinese medicine, so if a person is stressed or angry, they are more likely to injure themselves. Old injuries may become inflamed with improper and repetitive stress over time.  This causes micro-tears where the tendons attach to the bones causing tendonitis, which is usually at the ankle, rotator cuff, wrist and elbow. Bone spurs, Achilles’ heel, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis also fall into this category.

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

In Chinese medicine, there are definite guidelines to good health and healing illness with food.

The most important aspect is eating cooked food most of the time. It is much less work for the digestion and requires less use of energy or Qi. This means that you have more Qi for other things. Soups, congee, stews and bone broth are the most nourishing of all foods and quickly help the body to recover and regenerate. Iced drinks and icy food destroys the body’s ability to digest and extract nourishment, creates unbalanced gut flora, and may lead to bloating, and irregular bowel movements.

Summer Diets & Hangover Cures

Party Time
It’s that time of year with many parties and overindulgence, so I am sharing some tips to relieve a hangover and overeating. The Chinese love their banquets and are rather familiar with overindulgence. It is therefore no surprise that traditionally they have plenty of formulas to help relieve them.


In Chinese medicine, blood deficiency is a condition that underlies many illnesses. In Western medicine it may be diagnosed as anaemia. The heart has to beat much harder to supply the body with oxygen if the person is anaemic. Up to 40% of women will be anaemic during their lifetimes, (men only reach 26%). This high risk in women can occur during childhood, menstruation, pregnancy and old age. Extreme exhaustion is one of the first signs and should be checked out if it does not resolve quickly.

Spring Newsletter

Hi there,

I cannot believe that I have been at this address a year already. Time has flown and I am loving this house and its clinic space and the garden. The jonquils and blossoms have been teasing me to believe that the warmer weather would come earlier.

Winter Cures

Common Cold & Flu Brew

This chilly weather has brought on some really serious colds and influenza as well as other infections such as bronchitis and coughs. This decoction is beneficial if taken at the very beginning of a cold or flu attack.